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Thibauld Favre

Thibauld Favre, CEO - Decusis
Open Source advocate since 1998, co-founder of innovative startups and non-profits. Thibauld brings his entrepreneurial know-how of open source communities and expertise of decentralised technologies to help Decusis develop high-value added services to the ecosystem. Prior to Decusis Thibauld co-founded and led Allmyapps, the 1st app store for PC. He then build Democratech in 2014, which ran the first 100% open primary election on blockchain, using the Ethereum platform. He has been working full time in crypto ever since.

Oussama Ammar

Oussama Ammar, Board Member
Co-founder of TheFamily, a unique organization focusing on helping European startups grow exponentially. Oussama role is to be the bridge between Decusis and The Family’s resources, connections and advice. Oussama’s unconditional support and thoughtful advice was instrumental to the success of iconic startups like Algolia, Captain Train, Agricool, Payfit and Zenly. He brings his extensive network and the experience accumulated by TheFamily to help Decusis become the crypto ecosystem leader in Europe.

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